Points Corrections

The BCHJA Board has approved the following process for the handling of errors or omissions in BCHJA points:

Points omitted due to spelling errors (names are correct, spelling incorrect):  The rider, owner and trainer are all current BCHJA members, however the spelling on the show entry is not consistent with the BCHJA membership data.  This is the most common reason that points do not appear, and is easy to fix.  Email [email protected] to report the omission, and it will be corrected.

Points omitted due to name errors (wrong rider/owner/trainer):  When there is an error in the name of the rider, owner, or trainer, and it has not been corrected before the end of the show, the following procedure is to be followed:

  • Complete the Points Correction Form with all requested signatures
  • Scan/email, mail, or fax completed form to BCHJA (instructions and contact info on form)
  • Change request forms will be reviewed by the BCHJA Executive
  • Following board review, change requests will be submitted to the show secretary to request approval of amendment of the horse show data base.
  • All submitted change request forms will be posted and accessible for review at www.bchja.com