Important BCHJA Information!

Deb Gue Announcements

Please be advised that effective January 1, 2019, GST of 5% will be charged in addition to the price for memberships, tickets and clinics that are sold  by the BCHJA. This change was passed by motion at the Annual General Meeting on December 3, 2018.
Please renew your BCHJA memberships!
Current early bird price is $35.
January 1, 2019     $35 plus $1.75 (GST) = $36.75.
February 1, 2019  $45 plus $2.25 (GST) = $47.25
Look forward to seeing everyone at the Gala on December 15.- there is still time to purchase your tickets!
Thank you on behalf of the BCHJA 2019 Board

President: Justine Annandale
Secretary:   Jenna Ritchie
Treasurer:   Anita Dawson
VP Member Services:    Nicola Gillam
VP Funding:   Fran McAvity
VP Competitions:  Shauna Moule
Director at Large:  Nayda McNeill
Director at Large:  Lori Hill