BCHJA Fall Finale

Deb Gue Announcements

The BCHJA Fall Finale is right around the corner!
We are excited to be expecting a wonderful 5 days of competition including all of the year end finals for classes such as the CET, Mini CET, and Thunderbird Good Hands and Seat. The Friends of BCHJA Grand Prix and the BCHJA Medal will also be a highlight.
If you haven’t already declared your sponsorship and would like to contribute to the show by doing so, it’s not too late! Please contact Shauna Adamson at [email protected] to let her know the amount you are wanting to donate and she can find a class that is fitting for you.
These sponsorships are a huge part of the success of the show providing excellent prize money for competitors and recognition for our members and supporters within our wonderful community.  Enjoy the horse show!