Can't find your points?

Go to horseshowtime or showgroundslive to find the show and open the entries link.  Find your entry and check the following:

  • Are the rider, owner, and trainer all current BCHJA members with the same spelling as the horseshowtime entry?  Cross-check HERE to make sure.
  • Is the name of the horse spelled correctly on all entries throughout the show season?  A difference in spelling, between show entries and the BCHJA member database, is the most common reason points do not appear.  The computer program that calculates the points will not recognize the entry unless it is spelled correctly.   How is this fixed?
  • First contact the show secretary to correct any spelling inconsistencies on the entry (correct horse name, and owner/rider/trainer spelled the same as the BCHJA membership list).
  • When the entry is corrected, then email [email protected] to re-run the points program.  Verifying correct entry data in the show office before checkout will avoid this problem entirely in the future.
  • If more than one horse owner is listed, email [email protected] so the points database can be flagged (the program searches for single owners only).
  • How many entries were in the class?  There must be at least 2 entries for BCHJA points.
  • Is the class part of a BCHJA division?  Is it an EC rated class/gold show that earns 1.5 x base points?  Click HERE to check.

None of the above?  Email [email protected] and we will get it sorted out!